On November 1st the gate code will be changed. ALL life members and members who have just after hours gate access MUST see Ricky Kirby, range manager or myself IN PERSON in order to get the new gate code.

This is necessary in order for the range to update all contact information with life members and members who have after hours gate access.

There will be NO phone calls allowed for this update, no exceptions!

Must be in person with Ricky or myself.

This must be done by November 1st or the new gate code will NOT be given out!


Welcome to the ENC Firing Range & Shooters Club!

ENC Firing Range & Shooters Club has been in operation since September of 2005. We offer a safe, affordable platform for professionals and hobbyists.

We have 25, 50, 100, and 200 yard rifle ranges. Several training bays in order to accommodate various methods of shooting/ training.

No caliber limitation. Legal Class III shooters are welcome!

Covered 25 yard handgun booths with retractable target holders.

Numerous “reactive steel” targets. (eg: plate racks, pepper poppers & etc…)

17 pieces of reactive steel at the range.
17 pieces of reactive steel at the new bay.

To enroll in a class, call Ken at 919-738-1173. Payment is due at class.

Welcome Our New Range Safety Officers!

There will be some new faces on the firing range very soon. The range is bringing on several new Range safety officers! They will be in addition to the ones who already there and you are accustomed to seeing.

We have always monitored very closely to ensure people are being safe. However, there is a small percentage of users of the range who willfully refuse to comply with the policies and procedures such as picking up their brass, shooting prohibited calibers on the handgun Steel, and leaving trash…… just to mention a few problems encountered .

The range is incurring more cost but we’re going to have enough eyes, to include strategically-placed game cameras for after-hours use, out there to ensure compliance. And if a person refuses to comply?