Rapid Fire Rules

Rapid Firing- Pulling the trigger as fast as you can or Bump Firing. This ALSO includes handguns and shotguns! All firing, when using a target and frame, will NOT allow any rapid fire or bump firing!

Rapid fire or bump firing IS allowed BUT ONLY after clearing it with a Range Safety Officer. Do NOT rapid fire or bump fire anything until you contact a Range Safety Officer. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The RSO will direct you to where you can rapid fire or bump fire. In addition, you will be shown where to stand when rapid firing or bump firing.

When rapid firing or bump firing there will NOT be ANY target frames or stands in the Training Bay you are assigned to use. This does not include “tactical quick fire.” But ALL firing MUST be CONTROLLED FIRE!

If rapid firing or bump firing, you will fire directly into the dirt backstop using NO target frame or target stands. I normally have some shooting clays on hand and I will give you five of them for you to place on the dirt backstop if you desire.

The Range has experienced too many “wild west” shooters when it comes to rapid firing or bump firing. Target frames and ground stands are being needlessly destroyed. This must and WILL cease!

Do NOT rapid fire or bump fire without first clearing it with a Range Safety Officer!

If you violate any part of this rule you will be told to leave the Range.

There is TOO MUCH destruction of Range equipment. I have tried other measures to correct it by they have not worked. So this the the new and never ending policy!

Be safe and careful at all times!