Range Rules

Upon using the range, you will be REQUIRED to read and sign these rules as part of an agreement. Safety Orientation required on first trip to the Range. It takes approximately 45 minutes depending on the person’s experience.

These rules help insure your safety:

CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL, ILLEGAL DRUGS, or improper use of prescribed drugs IS strictly PROHIBITED!!

You cannot enter the firing range if any impairing substance is still in your bloodstream! DO NOT enter the Range with a loaded weapon!

No cursing, vulgar language or disorderly conduct is allowed and WILL NOT be tolerated. This is a family oriented Firing Range.

If, at ANY time you have a question feel free to make contact with a Range Safety Officer. HE/ she will be wearing a yellow safety vest and/ or hat. NEVER point a weapon at anyone, ALWAYS point it in a safe direction!

All persons MUST have valid ID and be able to LEGALLY possess and/ or purchase a firearm!

NO illegal firearms or illegal possession of firearms is allowed!

Must be at least 18 years old to use the Range without adult supervision.

Hearing AND Eye Protection are mandatory!

DO NOT bring ANY loaded firearm onto the range AND insure all firearms are NOT loaded when leaving.

All handguns will be in a holster or a handgun case. We do not allow people to walk around carrying a handgun in their hand.

No one walks around with a handgun in their hand, must be in a case or holster AND unloaded when not on the firing line.

Long guns will carried in safe manner with actions/ bolts open & with magazines removed from the magazine well.

ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. NEVER point ANY firearm at another person. Muzzles will always be pointed downrange.

NEVER put your finger on the trigger or inside the trigger guard except when intentionally firing your weapon.

NEVER load ANY firearm unless you are on the firing line or an area that is designated as a “live fire” area.

ALL firearms will be checked at the “check-in station”. DO NOT point your weapon(s) at the Range Safety Officer!

ALL members will sign in on the sign in sheet located at the check-in station. DO NOT point weapon(s) at the Range Safety Officer!

Guest or Day shooters must read and accept the “hold harmless” agreement in addition to the range rules, policies, and procedures.

In addition, on the first visit to the range a safety orientation is conducted for ALL users.

Let the Range Safety Officer at the check-in station know if you are a new and inexperienced shooter. Do not be offended when the Range Safety Officer asks you your level of experience with a firearm.

There is no handgun or rifle caliber limitation.(except on steel; rifle steel no greater than 3,000fps and NO steel core. Handgun steel; NO magnums, all calibers must be no greater than 1200fps and NO steel core.)There is a magnet at the check-in station.

Anytime you need to go downrange to change a rifle target notify a Range Safety Officer. (Push the button, it is clearly marked)

NEVER go down range unless a “cold Line” has been called and the firing line is made safe. A horn is used to signal that a cold line is being called for (cold line is “verbally” called after all weapons have been checked and insured to be empty.) (This cease fire is for the center portion, pistol booths and 100 yard rifle bench only.) Does not include the other ranges.

Never fire unless a “hot line” has been “verbally” called.

Any “special type firearm” such as fully automatic, short barrel, suppressor and etc…, the owner is required to have the appropriate ATF paperwork in his/ her possession.

Special weapons such as fully automatic ARE welcome but will be operated safely and with extreme care. If it is a full-auto with a tripod or other type of maneuverable mount then it WILL BE locked down as to limit traversing and elevation.

Absolutely no “rapid fire” is allowed on the rifle range. (If you want to “rapid fire” then we have certain ranges for that type of firing.) See Rapid Fire Rules

No “rapid fire” is allowed in the pistol booths. You may fire quick but no so quick as to prevent you from getting the front sight back down on the center of the target.

NO ARMOR PIERCING or TRACER Rounds are allowed anywhere on the Range.

No “steel core” ammunition is allowed on ANY of the steel targets!

(We have a magnet at the check-in station in case you are not sure)

No rifle ammunition with a muzzle velocity greater than 3,000fps is allowed on the reactive rifle steel targets.(does not apply to paper targets)

No handgun ammunition with a muzzle velocity great than 1200fps is allowed on any of the reactive handgun steel targets. (does not apply to paper targets)

You MUST let a Range Safety Officer know whenever you desire to change ranges.

When shooting any steel target you MUST be in the designated firing area. It MUST be a direct impact on the steel in order to prevent a ricochet. Holsters are mandatory when shooting handgun steel.

(the rifle steel locations are; tables #17 and #18. The handgun steel firing locations are the concrete slabs inside the red painted box.)

There are numerous reactive steel targets for handgun. On each range ONLY one shooter at a time is allowed to engage the steel targets.

Spectators MUST stand behind the active shooter.

Pick up your spent shell casings and put them in the appropriate bucket. Blue is for brass, Black is for steel, Grey is for aluminum, and white is for shotgun shells.

Refusing to pick up empty shell casings is a continuing problem, do not be part of that problem!

It is understandable and tolerated if one has a physical handicap that prevents him/ her from being able to bend over and pick them up, just tell a Range Safety Officer. But if there is no handicap you are expected to pick up your empty shell casings. Refusal to do so WILL NOT be tolerated!

Never fire your weapon if you have had ANY malfunction until you know it is safe to do so. If you need any assistance contact a Range Safety Officer. DO NOT immediately open any action, cylinder, or bolt if you have a failure to fire. Keep the weapon pointed downrange and wait at least 15 seconds before opening the action, cylinder, or bolt.

Give ALL unfired rounds to a Range Safety Officer. DO NOT put them in the trash cans or empty shell buckets.

Pick up your trash! PLEASE help keep your Range clean.

Do NOT place any glass or food products in the trash cans.

Immediately notify a Range Safety Officer of ANY injury no matter how minor the injury is BEFORE leaving the range.

The range has a first-aid kit on hand in addition to fire extinguishers. A siren is used in the event of an immediate total range cease fire.

There is a one hour usage limitation (if there is someone waiting to use it),for the large training bay on the right hand range unless an advanced reservation for it has been made.

The cutoff age for children to use the Range is 8 yrs old. To insure the safety of persons using or visiting the Range it is required there be age and firearms types limitations imposed. Although exceptions can be made, the following is an age break down concerning the types of firearms a person under 18 years of age is allowed to use;

(In each case, the person under 18 MUST be under the direct supervision of an adult. Adults are reminded of the N.C. State law that requires the permission of the child’s parent or guardian before taking a person under 12 years to engage in ANY activity involving the use of a firearm)

AK-47 & AR type rifles are not allowed until the age bracket of 14 – 16 years old and with strict/ close supervision by responsible adult at ALL times!

8-10 years: Single shot bolt action .22 caliber rifle or .410 single shot shotgun.

10-12 years: Single action .22 caliber handgun in addition to the above named firearms to include bolt action hunting

rifles with a caliber not exceeding .270 and pump action only

shotguns no larger than 20 gauge.

12-14 years: Up to a .380 semi-auto pistol or .32 cal. revolver in addition to the above named firearms to include a semi-auto 20 gauge

shotgun and semi-auto hunting rifle not exceeding .270 cal.

14-16 years: No caliber or type of firearm limitation but, the young person

MUST be capable of handling and using the firearm

safely and competently. AK47 & AR type rifles are allowed

in this age range.

In NO EVENT will any person under the age of 18 years be allowed to use(fire), any “fully automatic” firearm. NO Exceptions!

Note; As stated above ; “exceptions to the age breakdown can be made” but anyone under the age of 18 years old MUST at all times be under the direct supervision of an adult. Please understand why there must be an age & firearm usage type imposed.

Booths #1 thru #6 are for handgun only! No rifles, carbines, or shotguns are allowed in these booths.

It does not matter if you are firing a carbine that is in a handgun caliber such as a Hi-Point 9mm carbine. If it is anything other than a handgun you cannot fire it from any booth numbered 1 thru 6.

In addition to the above, those weapons that are sold as handguns but shoot a rifle round, such as an AR pistol or AK pistol are not allowed in booths #1 thru #6. The Range has PLENTY of other areas where these types of handguns can be fired.

DO NOT put ANY unfired live rounds in the trash cans or empty shell buckets. Give ALL unfired rounds to a Range Safety Officer.

Always let a Range Safety Officer know when you want to change ranges. Exception; is when you are leaving a handgun booth and want to use the 100 yard rifle range. (this area is under the long shelter)

But before going down range to put up a rifle target you MUST ask for a “Cold Line”.

When a “cold line” is needed simply push the button located under the 100 yard rifle range shelter.

BEFORE anyone is allowed to use the 200 yard rifle range he/ she MUST shoot a group of 3 shots at the 100 yard rifle range no greater in size than 2 inches and show it to the Range Safety Officer.

The Range has implemented a mandatory annual(yearly),$75 range maintenance fee. For over 9 years the maintenance fee was attempted to be collected thru donations, IT DID NOT WORK! The fee helps cover the costs of repairs and maintenance. In addition, the ENC Firing Range furnishes items such as hearing & eye protection, targets, spotting scopes, holsters, and etc… Other Ranges either do not furnish these items or, they charge a fee for the rental of them.

Option #1: For current members the $75 fee is due on November 1st of each year and they have the full month of November to pay. If it is not paid by December 1st(or other payment arrangements are made), their membership is revoked until the $75 fee is paid. This includes life members also. It is a fair and economical method for collecting the Range maintenance fee. ($50 breaks down to just $6.25 per month)

Option #2: A member may elect to pay $6.75 each time he/ she visits and uses the Range instead of paying the annual $75 Range fee.

New Members: The $75 Range maintenance fee is pro-rated at $6.25 per month for each month remaining until November 1st at which time the annual $75 fee is due. New members have 30 days from the time of joining to pay the fee or may elect to pay at the time of buying a membership.

Continuing and persistent problems: People are approaching the “check-in” station with loaded weapons and at times point them at the Range Safety Officer. Users of the Range are STILL failing to pick up their spent shell casings. They also are failing to place their shells in the appropriate buckets, ie: Blue buckets for brass,BLACK buckets for steel, GREY buckets for aluminum shells, and WHITE buckets for shotgun shells, placing drink cans in the trash cans instead of the drink can container. In the pistol booths people are STILL placing their targets on or near the metal cardboard hanger rods. (all targets are to be placed in the center of the cardboard)

Continued violations of safety rules, policies and procedures WILL NOT be tolerated! Violators WILL BE TOLD to leave the premises. Safety is paramount!


Stay Safe!! KEEP your gun pointed in a SAFE direction, NEVER point it at ANYTHING you are not legally entitled to destroy.

Keep your trigger finger OFF of the trigger and outside the trigger guard except when you are INTENTIONALLY firing your weapon!

Be Responsible!!

No disorderly conduct is allowed!!

ALWAYS KNOW if your gun is loaded and NEVER load it in ANY location other than on the firing line!!!!!

Pick up your empty shell casings and place them in the appropriate color coded buckets!

Note: people pointing their firearms at the Range Check-in Officer is a continuing problem. DO NOT point your gun(s) at ANY human being while at the Range! In addition, refusing to pick up spent shells is also an ongoing problem. Failure to pick up your spent shells OR pointing your gun at the Range check- in officer or pointing it at ANY human being WILL result in your range privileges being revoked!

Also see Rapid Fire Rules