NC Concealed Carry Class

To enroll in a class, call Ken at 919-738-1173. Payment is due at class.

NC Concealed Carry Class:

Cost is only $50 or $40 to retired or active duty military and veterans to include their spouse. In addition, LE, EMS, DOC, and Firefighters receive the class also for $40.

Students receive $5 off for each person they recruit and bring to class with them. Example: if a student recruits and brings 5 others with them, the recruiting student will receive $25 off the normal price.

I furnish handguns free for those who do not have a handgun. They only pay for the ammunition they use.

I also furnish free hearing and eye protection, and holsters for those who do not have any of this equipment.

We hold class rain or shine and my schedule is bi-weekly, every other Saturday, but I will hold additional classes for private groups.

Due to the increased number of NEW shooters, I also provide, for FREE, an additional hour (on another pre-scheduled day), of training on safety and basic fundamentals.

In regards to the CCH class there will be 4 hour block of defensive handgun on the next day offered, provided there is enough interest. This additional 4 hour block of instruction is a “mini version” of my two day Defensive Handgun Class and will provide the student with a higher level of defensive skills, and hopefully setting the students on a course of “self will” to further their training. 

The cost of this additional training is only $50 and will be held the next day (Sunday), beginning at 1:00pm, @ the ENC Firing Range. The additional class will require 200 rounds of ammunition for your concealed carry handgun along with your concealed carry holster. 

No need to make a decision now, just let me know on the day of class if you plan on taking this additional training on the Sunday.
Note: the additional class is for average and above average shooters.

Defensive Handgun Class:

This two day class is $195 and requires 500 rounds minimum and also requires at least 5 students.

Over the years of instructing in firearms I can factually say that most people do not train as regularly as they should, and certainly not in the most effective manner in order to prepare themselves for “real life” deadly situations.

One should be as good as he/she NEEDS to be instead of being as good as they WANT to be. For the “need” demands more than most “want” to be.

The range has different targets, mostly reactive, that are never set out except for when having this type of training. It is very enthusiastic, fun and satisfying.

Business/Church Security Training:

My outline is for a 32-hour class that can be spread out over four days. The outline can be tailored (shortened) depending on the needs of the business or church. Price will be determined after meeting with officials of the organization. The course can be structured even down to one day so it is economical.

One Day Basic Handgun Defense:

$75 per person. Must have at least 5 students, max 12.

Two Day Basic & Advanced Handgun Defense:

$150 per person.

One Day Home Defense Carbine:

$75 per person. Must have at least 5 students, max 12.

Home Defense Shotgun:

$40 per hour. Students furnish their own shotgun and ammo. People seeking this type of training will most likely already have a shotgun but do not know how to use it.

One-on-One Basic Handgun Fundamental Training:

$35 per hour if they furnish the handgun and ammo. $50 per hour if I furnish the handgun and one box of ammo.